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Dr. Mansoor Rasekhi

(BDS, Adel Uni, FRACDS, GradDip Oral Implants SydUni) graduated from Adelaide University in 1993 Received Fellowship Of the Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons (FRACDS) in 2007 Received a Graduate Diploma in Dental Implants from Sydbey University in 2009 Completed a fellowship program in Oral Surgery in 2011 Currently undertaking a 2 years course in Orthodoctics Has taken extensive and numerous continuous education courses in dentistry since graduation.

Dr. Abhishek Seth

Dr. Abhishek Seth is passionate about dentistry and was Born and raised in Mumbai, India. He graduated from an esteemed University in Mumbai, India with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree and moved to Australia soon after. He is skilled with experience in all general fields of dentistry and has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry. He regularly attends professional development courses and believes in upgrading skills while being in sync with the latest technology.

General Staff

Nicole Barnes

Dental Assistant

Tammy McCarthy

Dental Assistant

Karen Rasekhi

Dental Assistant


Frequently asked questions

Dr. Mansoor Rasekhi & Dr. Abhishek Seth has sourced the most advanced sleep dentistry solutions using laser technology to help patients address their snoring problem. Relatively new in treatment, laser for sleep apnoea is used to treat snoring and mild cases of obstructive sleep apnoea. Treatment is non-invasive and patient-friendly too, with mild discomfort experienced for about a week following the procedure.

NightLase, the sleep dentistry laser treatment for snoring used at Figtree Family Dental, has been shown to reduce the effects of sleep apnoea and improve sleep patterns. Treatment can also help decrease the volume of snoring. 

The laser is gentle enough to be used on the sensitive tissue inside the mouth, but strong enough to be effective in treatment. The bonus? NightLase treatment does not require patients to wear a device during sleep, nor does it involve chemical treatment. It’s a gentle and easy way for your patients to regain a good night’s rest and improve their health.

A sleep dentistry treatment plan using Nightlase will be developed specifically for you, based on your individual needs. The good news is NightLase is a non-surgical treatment option for addressing sleep apnoea and snoring.

For the best results, it is likely your treatment will commence with a full course of three separate NightLase sessions over a six week period as a minimum. You can expect the results to last for up to a year and treatment can be performed again. We will advise you regarding the most ideal course of treatment.

If laser is not considered a suitable treatment for you, we may recommend an oral device to treat your sleep apnoea. 

Referred to as Continuous Open Airway Therapy® (COAT), the SomnoMed oral appliance is used to treat mild to moderate sleep apnoea and snoring. We will determine whether an oral device is a preferred sleep dentistry solution once a full assessment of your condition has been completed. Our approach is based on providing options and empowering you to make an informed decision you are confident with.

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