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About Worn Down Teeth

Worn teeth are growing particularly of aged person nowadays, yet they can be stopped and treated after cause is found. Teeth worn down are a natural adverse effect of aging, they may darker in colour. This is generally aesthetic issues, and it can begin to impact your bite which results in headaches or back pain. As your age increase, it’s absolutely normal that your teeth enamel might be slowly worn down. A normal adult around age of 30 can lose a millimetre of their front teeth; this is because chewing becomes the reason of friction. It is sad to say that large numbers of older adults are having excessive teeth worn compared to normal adults. This can result in problems such as unattractive smile and tooth sensitivity. If you have doubt that you may be facing issue of excessively worn down teeth, it is best to address this issue as early as possible. Take a close look at worn down teeth, their common causes, how you can prevent, and treatment options your dentist may suggest.

Cause of worn down teeth

If you are experiencing anxiety and try to grind your teeth, this becomes the reason for your enamel to worn down early. When one tooth grinds against another, the friction can slowly rub away the enamel. Small cracks in tooth enamel may happened by grinding your jaw. The enamel nearby these cracks wears away when you brush teeth. Chewing hard foods may slowly remove the enamel on your teeth. Similarly brushing hard with hard toothbrush can have same outcome. This is why dentists usually advise to use soft toothbrush. When you eat acidic foods, the acid weakens your enamel. Then the enamel is more likely to worn away when you brush your teeth or chew harder foods.

Problems Caused By Worn Teeth

When you go the dentist to talk over your worn down teeth, the initial things they will do is determining reason of teeth wear down. Thus, you can address the reason of the worn down to stop it from becoming any worse. For some patients, there is a single reason of tooth worn, while there are many factors involved in tooth worn down for others. Your enamel is fully white, but the layer below it-the dentin -is yellow. As your enamel grinds and becomes thinner, the dentin begins viewing, and your teeth evolve a more yellowed look. This is generally clear over the surface of teeth. If you feel pain when you drink something hot or cold? This sensitivity is possible because of the thinness of your worn enamel. The hot or cold items get in touch with nerve endings in the dentin of your teeth, causing an overreaction. If your teeth are badly worn down, they don’t always come together properly. Then strain in your jaw may happen because of this misalignment, and this result in headache. Excessive tooth wear because of bite misalignment make difficult to bite items such as apples and carrots. It becomes hard for you to chew because your teeth no longer fit together properly.

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Treatment Options for Worn down Teeth

If dentist has determined that you are facing problem of worn down teeth, they will aid you explore ways to address the primary reason of this worn down teeth. For example, they will advise you choose softer toothbrush, wear mouth guard to stop you from grinding tooth, and avoid acidic foods. To correct the already existing worn down teeth, your dentist may suggest treatments such as dental bonding and crowns.

Dental bonding is a method in which tooth coloured composite material will be used on to the border of your teeth. The composite will cover the worn surfaces, enhance the look of your teeth and also tackle any bite alignment and sensitivity problems you are facing.

If teeth are worn down on several surfaces then your dentist suggest crowns for covering those teeth. A crown is usually composed of porcelain or composite resin. It covers the whole tooth, assisting to prevent any chips or cracks from spreading while securing the tooth from extra enamel damage.

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