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Causes of toothache

If you experience a toothache, then as a part of your best action plan you should take an emergency appointment for a dental examination to diagnose the reason for your pain. Tooth decay is believed to be the primary reason for a toothache. Tooth decay is the situation in which bacteria wears down a tooth forming holes and even fully damaging your teeth. If your tooth is forced to chew something more difficult to chew then your teeth will crack and this causes toothache, and require being repaired as early as possible. A growing wisdom tooth that is misaligned would sometimes become the reason for a toothache. Gum disease can also be the cause of toothache, in which your teeth will be impacted by a bacterial infection which can cause tooth decay which causes toothache. Tooth pulp could be a cause of toothache, which resides in the middle of the tooth and contains nerves, blood vessels, and tissues. The inflammation of the pulp creates pressure towards the outer area of the tooth resulting in toothache. There are nondental issues such as sinus infections that can cause toothaches. Sinusitis can cause toothache as sinus cavities are situated above the upper teeth. Particularly when you bend over, the pressure from your sinus can shift to your teeth.

Signs of Toothache

Feeling pain in the tooth and jaw is a clear symptom of toothache. You could experience a stinging sensation when chewing, particularly when it is resulting from tooth decay, pulpitis, or cracked tooth. This way, eating could be quite hard. Another indication that you may feel is the higher level of sensitivity in your mouth region, which can be experienced while eating hot or cold food. Moreover, this indicates that your tooth pain is likely to be caused by gum disease. Another symptom of toothache includes bleeding tooth or gums, inflammation of gums and jaw.

Treatments Available to Cure Tooth Ache

Treatment of toothache initiates with an evaluation of your mouth which enables the dentist to detect the root of the pain and decide the best treatment to cure. For example, an affected wisdom tooth that causes toothache will be removed; toothache caused by decay can be cured by installing a dental crown. Hence, having a dental check-up is vital. Do not avoid the pain as there is a great chance that your tooth pain is an indication of another condition that requires to be treated quickly.

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How to Avoid Toothache?

Failure towards oral hygiene is the major reason for toothache and hence brushing your teeth a couple of times a day and flossing frequently will enable you to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Being precise while chewing food could also help. Forcing your teeth to chew something very difficult could hurt your tooth and jaw.

What are the fastest ways to reduce toothache?

Taking painkillers, utilizing numbing gel, gargling warm salt water, and eating fruits and vegetables having antibacterial properties are some of the ways to reduce toothache. However, remember that these options diminish the pain temporarily.

Can toothache vanish without treatment?

There is no likelihood that tooth pains vanish themselves because other dental illnesses are the reasons for toothache, the best way is to visit a dentist for examination.

Is toothache considered a dental emergency?

Some tooth pain can be considered a dental emergency. If the pain is severe, gums are bleeding and your tooth is broken, it is considered as being a dental emergency.

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