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About Root Canal Treatment

If your teeth experience sensitive while eating food, you may have pulp infection. Tell to your dentist regarding endodontic treatment or root canal treatment. A tooth infection can very hurting and left untreated, the infection can damage nerves of the tooth and you might require removal. We always make an effort to rescue tooth with root canal whenever possible. After extracting the infection, we’ll place a custom crown over the treated tooth to renovate its natural look and strength. The root canal is the area in the middle of tooth that includes dental pulp which is a soft tissue that contains nerve endings. It extends from the crown of the tooth down to the roots. The front teeth have a single root canal, but the chewing teeth having two or three. When hard outer layer of teeth get injured by tooth decay, in that case root canal treatment may needed. This let bacteria to go into the pulp, which become reason of extreme pain. At the time of root canal treatment, the dentist opens the tooth to reach to the root canal and extract the infected tissue. Then it can be replaced with synthetic material to aid keep the tooth strength. Once the infection eliminated, the tooth will be covered by a dental crown to rehabilitate its natural appearance and function. Are you concerned you might have tooth infection? Call our team today on (02) 4207 3121 or make an appointment online.

What happens during root canal treatment?

We ensure that you have complete knowledge of steps involved in root canal treatment so you aware what to expect. This treatment generally needs several visits to dental clinic. Your dentist will check the infected tooth, utilizing dental x-rays to view the inside of the tooth, and organize the most efficient treatment. Endodontic treatment is conducted using local anaesthetic to numb the region of the mouth being treated. We can also talk over other kinds of dental sedation. Dentist will open the mouth to reach to root canal and extract the infected pulp using dental drill. Once cleaning root canal to confirm that all bacteria have been extracted, we will include synthetic filling material to seal the tooth. This will also stop the possibilities of tooth being infected in future. After the teeth have been filled, we will lessen its size little and take impression of tooth. This will be utilized to create a custom crown. We will place temporary crown to secure the tooth up to your next appointment. When your crown has been made, we will organize appointment to bond it into place.Porcelain crowns can be colour-matched to your tooth colour for a natural-looking finish.

Is a root canal painful?

Many people associate the term root canal with pain and fear. Really, there is no pain involve in root canal treatment that aid to remove the pain of a pulp infection. Previously, there has been pain involve in endodontic treatment, because dental equipment was more basic. Nowadays dental clinic contains modern equipment and sedation, root canal is performed using local anaesthetic to numb pain at the time of procedure. If you experience anxious about dental treatments, you can also discuss with our dentists regarding the sedation options that we provide at our clinic, that aid anxious patients feel calm and relaxed.

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Root canal risks and recovery

Root canal treatment have great rate of success, despite that, if tooth is badly injured, there is impossibility to save tooth using root canal and hence requiring removal. There may be great possibilities of your teeth to be survived if look after your teeth and gums. You should ignore eating hard foods while treatment is being implementing, because this can damage temporary crown. Once root canal treatment is finished, it’s general to experience little pain; inflammation and sensitivity for couple of days. This can generally be control using over-the-counter medication. If you experience other symptoms or you still feel pain after a couple of days, contact our dentists.

Do I require endodontic treatment and a root canal?

Endodontic treatment is one of the most general dental procedures for adults and children. Our dentist can notice indication of tooth infection at the time of regular check up. You should discuss with dentist if you have following symptoms: continuous tooth ache when eating,   feels sensitivity while hot or cold drinking, swelling in your gums, your tooth look cracked, your tooth feel loose etc.

Why choose Total care Dental for Root Canal Treatments?

If you requiring going through root canal treatment, it is significant to look for reliable dentist who is professional, skilled and expert in latest orthodontic techniques. At Total Care Dental, we take the greatest care to make sure that each of our patients has full knowledge of the procedure, feeling comfortable during the treatment. Contact us on (02) 4207 3121 to schedule an appointment with our local dentist today to get your root canal treatment conducted as early as possible.


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