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Are you Afraid visiting the Dentist? We can aid!

We understand that some people experience anxiety when visiting the dentist and they avoid dental visits due to anxiety, which results in the risk of bad oral health. One of the reasons for anxiety is the immense fear of dental appointments, feeling scared of visiting the dentist is normal but there is a way to manage it. If you are fearful to go to the dentist, it may lead to delaying dental treatment. Indeed, dental treatment is very essential for your overall health hence you should not overlook dental treatment. Often many people imagine the dentist with a drill just ready to cause pain and remove teeth. But, the truth is different. The main focus of the dentist is to make you feel relaxed. From the time you enter our clinic, you will find a soothing environment that is made to assist you to feel comfortable. Our dentist needs time to ensure that you are relaxed and you are in control of the treatment, we will describe all options we offer to help you relax. If you had a terrible dental experience previously or you have a problem of high dental anxiety, the Total Care Dental team can assist you to smile again.

Do you have dental anxiety?

Fear of the dentist is general anxiety that influences many people; it can have a bad effect on your life if it stops you from going to the dentist for regular dental check-ups. These appointments are vital which allows your dentist to detect any dental problems by checking your teeth and gums, which can turn into more serious issues if they do not cure early. Your dentist can also clean your teeth to remove plaque at the time of your visit, diminishing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Avoiding the dentist might look like the easy option, this makes it possible that you will require serious corrective dental treatment later. Going to your dentist for your regular check-ups is significant for your oral health and your overall health and to check for oral cancer.

Sympathetic dentists make a difference

Dental anxiety will create a physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral reaction in the patient. This is a usual problem in a dental office, and anxiety is generally associated with the impression of increased pain, hence patients having anxiety feel more pain. They may also have too much memory of their pain. A sympathetic dentist realizes this and does everything possible to comfort the patient. It is our objective to help resolves any previous injuries you have faced in the dentist’s chair and to make a trusting relationship. Following several years of functioning in the dental industry, we’ve worked with patients who range from a little nervous to absolute nervousness. It’s our priority to make our patients feel relaxed so they can obtain the dental care that they require.

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Who Has Dental Anxiety?

Anyone can be affected by dental anxiety no matter the age. Kids may be scared of the dentist because of fear of strangers, fear of doctors, and listening to the adults discuss bad dental experiences. Adults may fear the dentist due to bad dental experiences as a child, while teenagers may feel dental anxiety if they listen to their friends talk about problems with braces or any other types of orthodontics.

Stress Free Sedation and Sleep Dentistry

Each patient has diverse requirements and at Total Care Dental, we will work together to identify the best technique for making sure that you will feel relaxed. If you experienced dental anxiety, some at-home techniques may help reduce your fear before your dental visits such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, muscle relaxation practice, and hypnosis. Surely, no evidence shows that dental anxiety can be cured with these techniques, but can be used as an elementary technique to assist you to feel relaxed before coming in. To help you better, we provide proven anxiety relief dentistry which includes the following:

Sleep dentistry:

If you do not like to be aware at the time of treatment, we provide sleep dentistry using general anesthesia. This is managed by a registered anesthetist, who will work in conjunction with your dentist and you will be staying under constant supervision. Sleep dentistry is considered to be a highly effective treatment that surely allows comfort for patients. This is an appropriate solution for those patients who become fearful while undergoing extensive treatment such as root canal or dental implants.

Nitrous Oxide:

Nitrous oxide is also known as happy gas, which is blended with oxygen and is inhaled through a face mask at the time of treatment, so you feel calm. You will even be aware and can react to your dentist, but you will not experience any fear. After the procedure is complete, the oxygen mask is taken off for a quick recovery.

Oral Medications:

Medications may be given to help you relax before the procedure starts. In some instances, we may prescribe medication before your visit, to keep you away from stress when you come.

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