Cracked Teeth

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Cause of tooth cracked

Short-term causes such as injury to the face and long-term causes such as teeth grinding, the reasons for cracked teeth. Normally, the front teeth crack accidentally or during biting. Dental damage can happen due to sports. If you are aware that you will be carrying out an activity that involves the risk factor of head injury, wearing a mouthguard is vital to stop the tooth from cracked. Unintentionally biting down hard foods eg.Seeds can cause cracked teeth, and this can happen due to not properly washing vegetables. Teeth grinding is likely a reason for cracked teeth and grinding can evolve cracks in the enamel, as time goes. Past dental treatment including dental fillings or restorations is a possible cause of teeth cracked. Cracked teeth are the most usual dental trauma and a majority of people have a problem with a cracked tooth at some stage of their life and they even not recognize.

Symptoms of a Cracked Tooth

The symptoms of cracked teeth differ among individuals and you will feel pain when teeth are exposed to extreme temperatures and while chewing food, these are the symptoms of cracked teeth. Inflammation may happen close to the area, which might be a good sign of which tooth is cracked. Pain is the most usual symptom associated with cracked teeth. However, the discomfort rarely lasts and usually comes and goes during the day. If you experience any of these symptoms, we advise you to book a dental exam as earlier as possible. Our highly proficient team of dentists can decide if your tooth is cracked, and review the options for repairing.

Treatment of Cracked Teeth

Diagnosing cracked teeth needs different approaches. X-rays don’t give signs of where the crack is all the time, and not all people have the same symptoms. Your dentists will questions regarding your history of oral health, for example, if you eat hard food or not. Through the usage of a special light magnifying glass, your dentist evaluates your mouth to determine if they can view the crack. Assessing gums for inflammation may be useful. The dentist may also ask you to bite down something to discover the pain.

The majority of people do not look for professional treatment for cracked teeth. If you are not feeling extreme tooth sensitivity or discomfort from the crack, and the look of the cracked teeth do not trouble you, then it is not essential to find professional restorations. However, cracked teeth can trap bacteria into the enamel that results in bacterial infection of the tooth, which causes tooth decay. Therefore, for more extensive cracks, it is suggested to seek professional restoration. There is a variety of treatment options available for addressing a cracked tooth depending on the severity. This includes filling or bonding, dental veneers, crowns, and root canal therapy.

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Preventing tooth from cracking

Most cracked teeth are outcomes of dental injury. This contains injury from sports or chewing hard food. Sportsmen must all the time use a mouthguard and visit the dentist or Endodontic for any dental emergencies that may take place. Avoid chewing hard objects, and avoid opening packages using your teeth. Accidents are difficult to stop, but try to save your face and mouth while falling, by doing this you can prevent teeth from cracking.

You should visit a dentist for regular dental checkups to prevent treatment and maintain appropriate oral care habits. In doing so, you can stop the evolution of tooth decay that could cause cracking. Dental restorations or fillings that are more than ten years old should be checked at the time of the patient’s regular dental care. Fillings can break; in turn, exposing the remaining tooth structure making it likely to break down further. Previous dental work can play a part in damaging teeth which can result in a dental emergency. A routine dental check-up can detect small cracks that can be easily fixed, stopping them from evolving into bigger problems.

How total care Dental can help with cracked teeth

Cracks in teeth weaken the tooth structure and that leads to stainning pain decay. If we notice any cracks in your teeth, we will discuss the most appropriate treatments to fix them. These include bonding to seal minor cracks, white filling, dental crowns, and dental veneers. We ensure that you understand what these treatments involve, what the possibilities of success are, and any related risks. If you believe you might have a cracked tooth, or would just like to schedule a consultation, call us at (02) 42966440


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