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About General Dentistry

General dentistry treatment incorporates everything from general check-up and teeth cleaning to root canal and wisdom teeth removal. We understand the value of taking care of your teeth and keeping better oral hygiene. Our team of general dentistry treatment have an extensive range of dental skills and they will assist you in fulfilling this objective. If you are looking for experienced and reasonable general dentistry treatments in Mount Warrigal, we are ready to aid you. We know how crucial it is to find dentist who provide general dentistry treatment with whom you can feel relax and you can rely. We believe that everyone should go dental clinic routinely. Getting beautiful smile can improve your confidence, but frequent visit to dentist can help you detect and stop issues such as gum disease and oral cancers.

General Dentistry treatment Options

The symptoms of cracked teeth differ among individuals and you will feel pain when teeth are exposed to extreme temperatures and while chewing food, these are the symptoms of cracked teeth. Inflammation may happen close the area, which might be a good sign of which tooth is cracked. Pain is the most usual symptom associated with cracked teeth. However, the discomfort rarely lasts and usually comes and goes during the day. If you feel symptoms, we advise you to book dental exam as earlier as possible. Our highly proficient team of dentists can decide if your tooth is cracked, and review the options to repairing.

Treatment of General Dentistry

Dental Cleans and Hygienists :

Our team of hygienists and dental therapists are vital part to our practice. Although you are brushing and flossing teeth two times daily, it is equally vital to plan regular appointments to dentist for dental check-ups. Hygienists not just focus on cleaning teeth as a part of oral hygiene but also emphasize on maintaining optimum gum health and stop dental condition such as tooth decay. Until you need special dental care, to keep your teeth and gum healthy you should visit dentist two times in year. Your hygienist will extract any plaque and calculus from your teeth, and if any problems are discover these can be tackle quickly.

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Gum disease:

Gum disease, also called as periodontal disease and it is possible critical illness and if left untreated will result in severe oral health problems. Many people are not aware that gum disease can be treated prior to its detection. Reason for is that indication of gum disease are not always clear. Actually, routinely visit the dentist and examining is one of the best ways of confirming whether gum disease could be a problem for you. Bacteria are the reason of gum disease which lastly affects gums and teeth. Indication of gum disease includes sore gums, bleeding when brushing teeth, and bad breath. We will confirm during your regular hygiene check whether you have gum disease or not,  by examining the indication of infection present in the gums . And if it is found, our dentist will prepare suitable treatment plan for you. Surgery may also needed if there is requirement for for rebuilding the gum structure and if tooth decay is exist.

Wisdom Teeth Removal:

Normally wisdom teeth come out at the end of the upper and lower gums at age between 17 and 25. Wisdom teeth can be affected if you have problems such as gum infection and chewing problems. This indicates that wisdom teeth do not have sufficient space in the jaw which can results in cyst developing. Swelling, pressure and stiffness in the jaw are sign of painful wisdom teeth. If you feel any sign, it is reasonable to book appointment at Total Care Dental Surgery, we will do completely evaluation and determine the exact cause of pain, including if you have impacted wisdom teeth. You may feel anxiety during wisdom teeth removal procedure. But we will try to minimize all your worries and make treatment comfortable for you.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

The enamel that covers our teeth is the hardest, most mineralised tissue in our body. However, traumatic injury may lead cracked tooth. Cracks that have been persistent due to trauma should be assessed by a dentist as early as possible to check trauma for nearby teeth. Total Care Dental Surgery makes emergency appointments available daily to cater for dental emergencies of this kind.


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