Single and multiple tooth implants

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Single and multiple tooth implants

People who have missing teeth, single or multiple tooth implants are suitable way for them. Many times experiencing uncomfortable when smiling or eating, missing teeth can become reason avoiding certain situations for people. When teeth are missing, bone can be loss, ageing your look. Taking actions to deal with these issues with single or multiple tooth implants can change your life. Implants are not similar to other dental treatment choice like bridges, crown and denture in following ways: give full chewing capability, protect healthy teeth, prevent bone loss, and prevent tooth decay.

Single tooth implants

Single tooth implant can be employed if you have one tooth missing, for making your smile perfect – without influencing adjacent teeth. Once the implant is in positioned, a post is attached for the custom designed crown. You can look for your dental implant to prevent any bone loss and for healthy teeth to be saved. Even a single missing tooth can have major aesthetic and clinical affect, it become challenging to chew certain foods. They appear like natural teeth and you feel like natural teeth, fill your face to its natural look, and stop the tendency of neighbouring teeth to move to fill the gap left by the missing tooth.

Multiple tooth implants

Some people encounter difficulties of multiple teeth missing, in that situation, multiple tooth implants may be the most appropriate solution for them. Multiple teeth implants are placed with individual crowns or a bridge with multiple crowns. You will not feel discomfort while eating, and not embarrassment due to missing teeth. With multiple tooth implants, you can maintain your jawbone and gums.  

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