Guided Implant surgery

Looking for a better solution for missing
teeth using computer guided implants ​?

A better approach for missing teeth using computer guided implants

Dental implants are the perfect solution if you have lost tooth or teeth. With contemporary dentistry, treatment solutions have progressed such that dental implants can be an aesthetically appealing, and lasting replacement for missing teeth. Despite that, like other dental procedure, accuracy and care is significant with dental implants and this is the reason we furnish our patients computer guided implant surgery to place implants.

Do you require a dental implant?

Although survival without tooth or multiple teeth is possible, your jaw, bite and chew function cannot get affected. But your self-confidence can be influence, because many people who have lost teeth experienced uncomfortable while smiling or speaking. Missing teeth can be fixed with dental implants, and can also address other problems like headaches and jaw pain. Over a period of time, these conditions are likely to get more worsen. A dental implant functions like a tooth root and can be put in the jaw. A crown is subsequently put on the implant, functioning as an artificial tooth.

Why use guided implant surgery?

Computer guided implant surgery employs state-of-the-art technology to help in planning, and surgical placement of your dental implants. It is a revolutionary procedure that are regularly conducted at our dental clinic, which utilized the advanced technology to make possible accurate implant placement, without extra bone grafting process require. It is the quickest and most precise approach to get dental implants and Computer guided implant surgery is least aggressive, making it very accurate, safe, and pain-free. The advantages is that the patients feel minimum discomfort and swelling following the surgery, patients can initiate their normal activities second day. The dentists at Total Care Dental customize each unique computer guided implant surgery to best match each patient and their requirements.

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How guided implant surgery works?

Once our dentists finish your extensive dental examination, and assess your medical and dental history, they conduct complete evaluation of the jaw, mouth, and missing teeth, take a digital impression and 3D scan also. A template is created same as mouth guard as per the scan. The template has hole in it to let implant be put in right position. In the process, the template is placed over the teeth so the hole for the implant can be drilled on the correct angle and in the correct place.

Could guided dental implants be right for you?

Modern dental technology enabled in restoring missing teeth with excellent care and accuracy using guided dental implant surgery. With a commitment to bringing best for our patients, we are delighted to provide guided dental implants as an impressive restorative treatment. Guided implants are a computer guided implant treatment which functions using an extensive 3D system for precise and predictable implant placement. Our approach to determining your appropriateness for guided dental implants is to accomplish a complete evaluation of your individual circumstances. With understanding and care, we’ll then make suggestions and introduce a treatment plan, which also considers how you can manage the financial aspect of this vital and transformative investment.

Are guided implants better than regular implants?

Guided implants provide many advantages. With regards to dental implant surgery, patients can anticipate to have a clearer picture of the procedure and results. The software being used to plan surgery means we can describe, instruct and show you what’s involved during the procedure. You can have clear idea of how your teeth and smile will appear after implant is in place. This degree of predictability ensures that there is a high level of accuracy with implant placement and less possibilities for human mistake.


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