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About Dental Implants

Have you lost single or multiple teeth? A dental implant is a titanium post that’s surgically placed in the jaw to replace a missing tooth root. The jaw bone heals around the implant, creating a solid base for teeth replacement using a fixed bridge, crown or denture. Dental implants normally needed two dental visits. First is to replace the implants and second is to fit your replacement teeth. Dental implants are permanent tooth replacement option that seems and function like natural teeth. No matter if you have lost teeth because of injury or dental disease, dental implants provides long-term alternative to a denture or bridge. Dissimilar from dentures, you are not requiring stopping to eat foods which you like. As much as you look after your new teeth, implants can durable for many years. If you are thinking replacing teeth with dental implants, it is significant that you have all necessary details to take correct decision. This is the reason our dentist at Total Care Dental Surgery offers initial consultation where you can ask question regarding dental implants.

Benefits of dental implants

Different from dental bridge or denture that depends on neighbouring teeth for support, dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw bone. Here, they basically replace the root of the missing tooth, holding the replacement tooth, bridge or arch in place with stability. Also function same as natural teeth, dentist can design your tooth implants according to suitable size, shape and colour of your natural teeth to make your smile perfect. Dental implants are expensive compared to other tooth replacement alternatives, but they are last longer, making them affordable for long duration. If you practice good oral hygiene to maintain your teeth and gums healthy, your dental implants could last for decades.

How are dental implants fitted?

If you have decided to have dental implants at Total Care Dental following the initial consultation with our dentists, we’ll plan an appointment for an oral examination. Our dentist will assesses the health of your teeth, gums and jaw to decide if you are eligible candidate for dental implants, and they make use of x-rays to determine correct location of implants in your jaws.

 We will then formulate customized treatment plan and give all information that you require to know regarding treatment. There are two visit require for dental implants procedure, during first visit, dentist will surgically place the titanium implant in your jaw, beneath the gum. The implant is covered with a temporary crown. Once the implant has had enough time to fuse with your jaw, we can fit your personalised crown, bridge or arch. More steps may be required for more complex treatments, such bone grafting.

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Dental implant risks and recovery

Despite, it can take maximum six month for your jaw to fully heal around the implant; most people can initiate normal activities after two days from procedure. It’s usual to feel some pain, swelling, and minor bleeding after treatment. This may be not permanent and can be control with medication. Our dentists focus on stopping infection at the time of oral surgery, but we will ensure that you understand potential risk. These can include infection nearby the implant site, damage to nerves or blood vessels or sinus issues for upper jaw implants.

Ideal candidate for dental implants

In order to suitable candidate of dental implants, require having sufficient general and oral health. Gum disease can lower the possibility of dental implants success, leads to implants failure. You must have enough overall health to undergo procedure. Patients of diabetes are not ideal to take dental implants treatment. In addition, old age patients who are not powerful adequate to undergo surgery can take benefits of traditional restorative solutions. A strong jaw bone is required to support dental implants, this is the reason our dentist employed advanced technology to produce detail, 3-D images of your oral structure. If your jaw is small, you may not be capable to adapt traditional implants. Despite that, you can sometimes complement your jaw with simple bone grafting process, which our dentists also carry out. Even if the placement process looks like scary for some patients, it is a relatively simple, painless procedure.

Why choose dental implants at Total Care Dental?

Placing dental implants is a intricate process comprising oral surgery. It should only be conducted by a qualified and experienced dentist to lower the clinical risks and eliminate the cost of unnecessary additional visits. At Total Care Dental Surgery, implant procedures are performed under the leadership of our principal dentist who have wide experience in the industry. We utilize modern dental equipment and restorative materials so that you will be fully satisfied with your aesthetic demand. Our dental implants are composing from strong titanium, a biocompatible metal that can fuse successfully with the jaw bone. Implants are covered by a porcelain dental crown that looks and functions same as natural tooth enamel.



Guided Implant Placement Procedure

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