Teeth Whitening

Are you suffering from tooth discoloration?
Want to get brighter smile?

Teeth Whitening

Are you worried about discoloration, and not pleased with the shade of your teeth?

The color of teeth can be impacted if you have habits of smoking, drinking red wine, and coffee. Teeth whitening treatment is a worthy option for patients who wish to enhance the look of their smiles by achieving a whiter shade. Teeth whitening treatment is a reasonable approach to transforming yellow, discolored, and stained teeth and to make your smile brighter. Brighter teeth can enhance the look of a smile; you feel younger and aid you to look best for a special event. Instant, simple, and affordable, teeth whitening is the less aggressive way to improve your smile and one of the most prevailing cosmetic dental treatments. If you are not delighted about the look of your smile, teeth whitening can increase self-confidence.

Am I an ideal candidate for teeth whitening?

Any patients having sufficient oral health are appropriate candidates for teeth whitening treatment. We will examine your oral health for deciding whether you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening at the time of initial consultation. We will examine your mouth for any current dental problems like sensitivity, tooth decay, and gum disease, and if any dental issues are found, we will give you quality treatment before teeth whitening treatment. This will minimize the possible risk of complications that can occur at the time of your teeth whitening treatments so that you get the best whitening results possible.

What causes Tooth Discoloration and Stains?

There are several reasons for discoloration and stains on your teeth. The good thing is that many of these stains can be cured, and stopped. Tooth discoloration can be categorized into two kinds: extrinsic and intrinsic. With extrinsic tooth discoloration, only tooth enamel may get influenced by stains. Reasons behind extrinsic discoloration consist of food, beverages, and tobacco. With Intrinsic discoloration, discoloration happens within the inner structure of the tooth. Certain medications, trauma, or injury to a tooth and tooth decay are reasons for the occurrences of intrinsic discoloration.

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Teeth Whitening Process

Teeth whitening treatment can normally be ended in a single visit at our clinic. Our dentists will rapidly evaluate your teeth and mouth to make sure that teeth whitening treatment is risk-free for you. The utilization of gel is made to secure gums, and hydrogen peroxide is used on the teeth. Then teeth are brought into contact with a special bright light that causes oxygen to be released. Stains are taken off from the surface of the teeth and the teeth are whitened.

The Effectiveness of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatment comprises the removal of discoloration so that your teeth appear white. Whether the process will function for you or not rely on the reason for your discoloration. Each whitening procedure has a varying extent of effectiveness. Your dentist will guide you on the process that is best for your teeth and which will give you the outcomes that you are searching for. It is significant to underline that outcomes will not be identical for everyone because everyone’s teeth are dissimilar. Some people may get several shades whiter, while others may only get one to two shades whiter. Before teeth whitening treatment, we advise that patients should go to a hygienist for tooth cleaning to remove any plaque build-up. 

The risk associated with teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatment is commonly risk-free when used appropriately. One of the risks related to teeth whitening is that it originates when it is used incorrectly by someone who has no proficiency. Since bleaching agent is involved, some of the side effects of teeth whitening can contain damage to the gums, tooth sensitivity, and irritation. Sensitivity from teeth whitening generally remains a day or two. Patients who have cracks in their teeth may experience sensitivity.

Why should I get my teeth professionally whitened at Total Care Dental?

With vast experience in teeth whitening at Total Care Dental Surgery, we are skilled in helping our patients obtain a whiter and brighter smile. Our prime concern is your oral health and therefore, we will not provide teeth whitening if we think that it raises a possible risk to your dental health. With a team of general dentists, hygienists, and specialists, we look after all your dental requirements, while having an extensive practice also means we can afford the updated and best technology.


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