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Do you wish to straighten your teeth without requiring wearing metal braces? Invisalign is your answer! A pretty smile with appropriately aligned teeth can eventually promote confidence. Invisalign is a replacement for a metal brace which is now a past thing. This advanced procedure is a kind of orthodontic treatment for straightening teeth that utilizes series of custom-designed aligners made just for you. They’re convenient, smooth, and virtually invisible. Your teeth will slowly be moved into position as per the desired amount of straightening you’ve talked over with the dentist. Invisalign aims to slowly shift your teeth from the starting position of your teeth to the final appropriate place. Composed of thermoplastic material, this custombuilt aligner does not annoy your gums or soft tissue in the mouth. Invisalign is preferred as an aesthetically appealing orthodontic treatment for lots of people.

What is the Invisalign treatment process like?

The Invisalign process initiates with an initial consultation for determining whether Invisalign can be utilized to repair your alignment issues. We will prepare a personalized treatment plan for you as per the digital impressions taken of your bite and smile. This scan will be used to determine the number of aligners needed and how long the treatment would be. The scans will be dispatched to the Invisalign laboratory so that the fabrication of custom aligners can begin.

Once we obtain your aligners at our clinic, you’re required to arrive at our clinic to receive them. During your treatment, you will be needed to return to us frequently to mark your progress and get a set of sequential aligners.

Who is suitable for Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment has assisted a large number of people across the world to repair minor orthodontic problems like overbite, underbite, and crossbite. Despite that, the treatment is not impressive for treating serious orthodontic problems, which may need other options. Invisalign can tackle most, but can’t straighten all teeth problems. Metal braces are not the ideal solution for many patients and this is the reason many patients are looking for Invisalign. For those patients who are uncomfortable with their teeth and metal braces, Invisalign can be an ideal choice. To determine your suitability for orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, you can consult us at our clinic. During the consultation, we will evaluate your suitability for Invisalign and find out what treatment is best for your case.

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What are the benefits of Invisalign treatment?

The advantage of choosing Invisalign is that aligners are removable. This makes it possible for you to take care of your oral hygiene at the time of treatment. You can even brush and floss like you daily do. You just remove aligners while cleaning teeth. The same is applies to eating and drinking. The treatment does not obstruct you from eating foods. Invisalign treatment is a modern advancement in orthodontics, that has many benefits compared to conventional braces. With the truth that the aligners are clear and therefore very difficult to see, Invisalign is the preferred choice against braces. Invisalign is also a convenient and less complicated orthodontic treatment, without the need for metal brackets and wires.

Is Invisalign treatment is painful?

Some people may feel a slight discomfort at the starting of each new phase of treatment when a new aligner is placed. Patients usually consider this as a feeling of pressure. Feeling discomfort at the time of orthodontic treatment is a good indication that your teeth are shifting to their new positions. The discomforts typically disappear after a couple of days because the wearer becomes used to the new aligners.

How long will Invisalign treatment take?

The time required to carry out treatment is determined by the complexity of your orthodontic requirements, but the average is 12 to 18 months. After a discussion with our specialist orthodontists, you will get a complete treatment outline. This will give you an estimated timeframe, involving the time needed for general dental work in formulating for your Invisalign treatment.

Why choose Total Care Dental for your Invisalign treatment?

The big scale of Total Care Dental permits us to utilize the best technological tools. Our intraoral scanners will rapidly scan your mouth to help us in accomplishing your treatment needs. By doing so we can preview your projected smile so you can imagine the final result before the treatment starts. Interested to know how Invisalign aligners may be used to beautify your smile? Please call 0242966440 or visit our website for more information.



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