Dental Crown & Bridges

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Dental Crown & Bridges

At Total Care Dental Surgery, we understand that everyone wants to have a good-looking smile, it should be possible to laugh, speak and chew without being uncomfortable. Your routine life gets affected if your teeth are missing or damaged, so the tooth crown and tooth bridge treatment let you restore your mouth to its normal function. Contemporary dentistry concentrate on saving your teeth to the possible extent, we try to maintain your smile as naturally as possible. We will try to save whatever is remaining with the dental crown if a tooth is damaged, and we can bridge the gap using a dental bridge if teeth are missing. These procedures permit you to speak, eat and live with self-confidence and your teeth will seem to look great just like natural teeth. Dental crowns and bridges are fix restoration which will not need to be removed to clean every day. Dissimilar to a removable denture, dental crowns and bridges are linked permanently to your existing teeth, and can just be removed by your dentist.

When Are Crown and Bridges Used?

If you believe that your teeth seem greyish or darker in color, we may think of covering them up with veneers.  If there is a massive loss of tooth structure, a dental crown is more suitable to cover the tooth. If you experience sensitivity when you chew, your teeth may have little cracks which can be converted into full tooth fracture. 

We advise you to restore the tooth using a dental crown to make the tooth strong and preventing it from collapsing.

Bridges may be suggested particularly to replace multiple missing teeth; this is because the gap left by a missing tooth in your mouth causes the remaining teeth to shift into the empty space, leading to a bad bite. The imbalance resulting from missing teeth can also create gum disease.

Dental Crowns and Bridges Procedure – What to anticipate

If you’re searching for dental crowns and bridges, our proficient dentists would like to describe everything to you in our clinic by following our procedure. Before creating a crown or bridge, we are required to prepare the tooth by reducing its size. We accomplish this by removing a few millimeters surrounding the tooth. An impression will be made to furnish the exact mold of your teeth for making the crowns and bridges in the lab. Then we will dispatch the model of your teeth to our laboratory to prepare your crowns which will need two days. You’re not departing the clinic with small teeth, you will be offered a temporary crown so you’ll be able to smile and talk normally. Once your crowns are ready, you can return to our clinic to cement your final crowns.

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Dental Crowns and Bridges after Care

Like your teeth and any other dental restorations, your crowns and bridges are likely to crack without proper care. A necessary step in guaranteeing the durability of your crowns and bridge is to maintain good oral hygiene. Brushing a couple of times a day, and flossing is essential to maintain your gums healthy. For dental bridges, you will require to utilize a particular kind of floss called super floss to clean tight areas near your bridge, particularly the space between the pontic and the gums.

What Types of Crowns are Available?

There are many kinds of crowns available including Stainless Steel, Metal Crowns, Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns, Ceramic Dental Crowns & Porcelain Crowns. Every material has a different potency and each of them has its suitable applications.

Cost of bridge and crown

Several factors are considered that affect the price of crowns and bridges like the type of material, the number of teeth, and if the teeth to be restored need extra treatment. Naturally, a gold crown is more expensive than an All-Porcelain crown. Moreover, a combination of a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown is less expensive, but it is less aesthetic in look.

Will Dental Crowns and Bridges procedure hurt?

The degree of pain experienced after applying crown and bridge depends on the range of procedures conducted. We generally advise the use of over-the-counter medications to cope with any pain. However, we sometimes provide prescriptions for pain management. Rest and relaxation are recommended following a dental surgery, and the majority of patients can initiate their normal activities within 48 hours.

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Getting a much-required crown or bridge feels great. It can reduce pain, and aid to chew food or talk to others. Our team of oral health specialists is set to talk with you regarding all the phases of your crown or bridge placement. It’s our objective to assist every patient in giving reconstructive dental care.



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