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Start your journey to a delighted and healthy smile with Total Care Dental Surgery’s qualified team, dedicated to providing a great dental experience with exceptional results.

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At Total Care Dental Surgery, our Calderwood dentists are committed and passionate to ensure you leave the dental practice with outstanding results through dedicated patient dental care. We’re dedicated to creating bright smiles, caring for your dental requirements, and serving you with top-quality and excellence.
We comprehend the feeling when you have lack of self-confidence due to degrading teeth. It impacts the quality of life and keeps your smile away. With a dentist in Calderwood, you do not require longer to suffer from those negative feelings or dental anxiety. Dentists in Calderwood deliver an extensive dental treatment that are provided to transforming your oral health and smile.

What You Can Anticipate at Total Care Dental Surgery in Calderwood

Returning Confidence in Your Smile
Providing aesthetically pleasing results that exceed expectations to support you confidently flaunt your teeth.
Help for Major Dental Problems
Quick support for severe oral pain and determining the best treatment options to keep your teeth healthy.
Quality and Compassion
we concentrate on the quality of compassionate care we offer to patients.

Our Most Popular Dental Services

Dental Check-up & Clean

Time is arrived to change your oral health habits before any serious occurs with your oral health. Regular dental check-up and clean services at Total Care Dental Surgery are vital to maintain shiny and clean teeth. Our extensive check-up and clean service are made to remove stubborn stains, plaque or tartar on your teeth that could potentially result in developing bacteria, cavity or periodontal disease.

Cosmetic Dentistry :

With cosmetic dentistry treatment at Total Care Dental Surgery, transform the look of your teeth, and smile confidently for longer. The restorative dentistry treatments accessible incorporate dental teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and dental crowns, helping to restore your positive aesthetic appearance. If you are looking to find the best cosmetic dentist near Calderwood then visit Total care Dental Surgery and experience the perks of cosmetic dentistry today!

Dental Implants :

If you are victim of poor oral and dental health because of tooth decay or damage, poor dental habits, missing gaps or have a loose denture, you should think about dental implants dentistry treatment from Total Care Dental Surgery. Our extraordinary Calderwood dental team is set to restore naturality to your teeth through dental implants, a dental procedure that is pain-free and effectively restores missing teeth and delivers lasting results.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening at Total Care Dental Surgery is a cosmetic dentistry treatment provided by our exceptional Calderwood dentists who’ll remove any stains and discolour that keeps the smile of the patient away. The teeth whitening treatment removes stains with a bleaching agent to whiten teeth to show off that beautiful smile with confidence. Obtain teeth whitening treatment from our caring Calderwood dentists as they guarantee to deliver whiter and long-lasting results.


At Total Care Dental Surgery, we know that a powerful smile changes the quality of life. Invisalign treatment helps in fixing common dental problems to gradually straighten teeth. To achieve that perfect smile, consider Invisalign. Our seasoned dental team is committed to delivering beaming smiles to our patients. With Invisalign all of your temporary oral health problems will be forever removed.

Emergency Dentistry

Pain can result from broken teeth, decay, toothaches or infections, and we know the discomfort from oral pain. Dental traumas can be scary, but support is not far away with emergency dental Calderwood services with our friendly dental team. The Calderwood dentist can provide same-day dental services to save teeth of patients from further damage.

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