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About Total Care Dental Surgery

Total Care Dental Surgery in Barrack Point offers the finest dental care. We know what is best for our patient’s oral health. That is the reason we have a skilled dentists team set to support with your general and cosmetic dental needs. We feel pride ourselves on offering excellent care to all patients. We believe how crucial it is to have a healthy and beautiful smile.

Your Smile Is Our Priority Here at Total Care Dental Surgery

Our competent dentists in Barrack Point offer an extensive range of comprehensive dental services. It’s our intention to be a one-stop dental experience for you and your family. Whatever your dental issues you’re having, we’ll examine your mouth and discuss any treatments that we think suitable for you.
We’ll provide you all the necessary details regarding costs, the recovery period and any side affects you may experience, so you can determine whether a treatment is appropriate for your needs.
You deserve to have healthy teeth! That’s the reason we provide comprehensive dental services at our clinic in Barrack Point. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Our Dental Services at Barrack Point

General Dentistry

If you require routine check-up due to having dental or mouth problem, our Barrack Point dentist can support. Book an appointment online and experience our general dentistry services immediate, including everything from teeth cleaning to gum care.

Cosmetic Dentistry

In the matter of improving smiles, cosmetic dentistry is the appropriate treatment plan. A Barrack Point dentist from Total Care Dental Surgery can transform your appearance by removing stains and discoloration from the teeth, minimize enamel erosion, and tackle teeth alignment problems.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are our treatment choice for patients who are missing teeth. This option includes artificial teeth and surgically implanted metal rods that bond to the jawbone to replace one or more lost teeth permanently.

Emergency Dentistry

If you require alleviating pain in your mouth, teeth, or gums, then contact Total Care Dental Surgery quickly for a priority appointment with our dentists’ professionals.

Teeth Whitening

With our teeth whitening treatment, you can maintain your teeth looking shiny. Our dentists quickly eliminate stains and discolorations from enamel, while guarantee you that your teeth remain healthy.

Root Canal Treatment

An infection in the mouth can result in extensive, long-term discomfort. A seasoned Barrack Point dentist can provide root canal treatment to abolish the illness and save your teeth.

Reasons to Choose All Total Care Dental Surgery in Barrack Point

Our dentists in Barrack Point are all the time working hard to provide outstanding dental care and are continuously expanding our education, so our team can always provide the safest and most effective treatments.
We have the expertise and experience so that our patients can be assured that they will be satisfied with our treatments. Searching for a tailored orthodontic solution in your area doesn’t have to be difficult.
Get in contact with Total Care Dental Surgery to schedule an Invisalign consultation and see if bracket-free dental correction is appropriate for you.
Our dentists in have vast knowledge in the area of dentistry. We strive to keep up with the latest dental practices and equipment.
Professionalism and Comfort
We understand that visiting to the dentist can be tense for some patients. That is the reason our dentists take the time to hear your problems and anxieties and provide solutions to help you remain calm and comfortable.
Emergency Care
We know that sometimes dental emergencies happen and can create severe pain. Toothaches, gum pain, or a cracked tooth can occur suddenly, and you should seek treatment as early as possible.

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At Total Care Dental Surgery, we offer quality care and customised treatment plans. Our team is passionate about oral health and helping our patients achieve their dental goals.